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Trucking Company Tips & Update

Driver Health Tips: Commercial drivers often have to work for long stretches of time without exercise or access to healthy food. Worse still, some drivers have to rely on large amounts of caffeine or junk food in order to get more energy and complete their hauls. As a result of these and other health hazards, the CDC estimates that the life expectancy of a commercial driver is 16 years shorter than the national average. To keep your employees safe and productive, it’s important to promote health whenever possible: Offer to reimburse drivers if they buy nutritious food while they’re on the road. Create a workplace wellness program that uses incentives such as raffle items or employer sponsored gym memberships for participation. Encourage good sleeping habits by offering flexible scheduling or ensuring that drivers only use high-quality mattresses in sleeper berths. Implement strict workplace policies to discourage the use of alcohol or tobacco products.

FMCSA Asks Carriers for Feedback on Vehicle Maintenance The FMCSA has reached out to motor carriers as part of a study on the role that vehicle maintenance plays in safety. This study will help the agency determine what improvements could help enhance motor carrier safety, including better compliance interventions or additional maintenance requirements. Current regulations on maintenance don’t set specific guidelines for maintenance and only direct carriers to systematically inspect and repair vehicles. And although carriers are required to keep and store detailed records on maintenance, the FMCSA believes that new rules, policy guidance or training could significantly improve safety. To get feedback from carriers, the FMCSA will send a survey to businesses with the lowest percentiles in the vehicle maintenance category of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program. This survey should give the agency feedback on demographics, maintenance practices, facilities and inspections that will be published in a formal report. Then, motor carriers will be able to use a section of recommended best practices included in the report to help with their own maintenance procedures.

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