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The Smart and Simple Way to Shop Your Home and Auto Insurance

In today’s climate we all see the insurance companies and commercials on television talking about how much money they can save you. All that is required is to call or go online and let them give you a quote for your car and home Insurance. While technology has made this simpler now more than ever before, it still pays to spend a little time making sure the quotes you receive are both accurate and comparable to your current coverages you need or desire. We wanted to give our future clients a small overview of a few things to be aware of when shopping your home and auto insurance.

Research the carriers and the discounts they offer. Some companies today care only about securing your business, not what your rate may be in the future. There are carriers giving discounts of up to 25% for switching to them only for that to fall off after your first year. These discounts are recognized as new client or early shopping discounts. While they look good now there may be a huge rate increase in a year. Let your agent know when your current policies expire and have your new policies begin the same date. That way your rates are more accurate on your renewals with your current policies and your new rates will dictate a more accurate premium for you. We are all aware there are small rate increases from time to time but you do not want to get in a revolving door situation of having to spend hours each year getting your premiums back to a comfortable level for you.

Don’t be afraid of your policy deductible. I know it’s been a big deal in years past to not carry a higher policy deductible but today it can be more to your favor than before. Not only will a higher deductible help keep your rates down, you can still work with your agent to discuss claim situations that are below your deductible. Agencies work daily with vendors that do glass repair, water restoration, roof repairs etc. So, always contact your agent directly to discuss anything you have going on. One of the biggest issues now are new prospects who have had a couple small claims of $200 or so which being held against them when they are shopping around. It can at times lead to a situation where you are sitting and waiting for a couple years for a small claim to fall off your record while absorbing larger than normal rate hikes.

Understand the value of always having a constant contact person. While the 800 numbers make it easy to shop around, you only become a number to them. Price and premiums will always be the number one topic when shopping and we do understand that but always ask questions like who do I call when I have a claim or need to make a change to my policy. The good agencies put constant time and training into their teams to make sure their clients know how much they are appreciated, no matter how long or how short of time they have been with them. We are only as successful as the referrals we receive from you. At GCH Insurance Group, you are a name not a number!

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