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Long Term Care Coverage

Long Term Care Insurance – Protection from the financial costs of in-home, community and residential- care facilities.

No one wants to see themselves in a nursing home or requiring help with basic needs and tasks within their own home. Unfortunately, this is going to happen to many people. When it does there are significant financial burdens added to personal finances. The annual cost of care can easily reach 70,000 a year and this figure is increasing annually.

Long Term Care Insurance can cover this need by using current affordable dollars to meet later financial obligations. The coverage is not for everyone. The ultra-wealthy can pay for their own care without significantly impacting their finances; the indigent qualify for government assistance. What about everyone in between?

Long Term Care plans can be tailored to meet the full cost of care or to subsidize personal savings to meet the cost of care. Everyone’s situation and needs are different. Call GCH Group if you would like to start the conversation on Long Term Care.

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