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Home and Auto Insurance

In the world of Insurance, cheaper does not necessarily mean better. The consumer may think they have a great deal on their auto and homeowner's Insurance because their premium is cheap. At claim time they may find out that the claim they just had is not covered or covered inadequately due to choices they made knowingly or unknowingly. Many current insurance commercials that you see on TV leads the consumer to believe price is the main consideration when buying insurance. Price is a consideration, but not the only consideration.

The consumer spends a significant amount of money but typically does not understand the value of their coverage. At GCH Insurance, we view ourselves as educators and strive to help the consumer understand their risk exposures. While we do not discount the importance of pricing to our consumers, we consider all aspects planning. It is our mission to be competitive and offer a product that fits the needs of our client.

GCH Insurance has several quality carriers for personal lines insurance. We compare the benefits versus the premium. Since insurance premiums inevitably increase over time with every carrier, our clients have the additional advantage knowing we are comparing premiums and benefits for them now and in the future. We will suggest changing carriers in the future if it is to their advantage to do so. Typically, this would be recommended if future price increases are in excess compared to other carriers that we have at our disposal.

We are the largest locally owned independent insurance agency in Central Kentucky. We have built our agency by providing quality service and insurance products for our clients. We are there for you as you plan your insurance, updated your insurance, and when you have a claim. We will advise you along the way of what you can do to keep your insurance premiums as low as possible while maintaining quality benefits.

Quality Advice. Quality Benefits. Competitive Rates

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